Support Services

We offer a wide range of services from project based to dedicated resources. No two Salesforce instances are the same. Our expertise in Salesforce enables us to create the right solutions to meet your business requirements.

Project Based

Project based work is a traditional consulting service offering where we estimate a project and you purchase a specific number of hours as estimated to fill the project requirements. Project based rates start at $95/hr.

As Needed Resource

The As Needed resource is conducted on an open ended PSA where you just send work to us as it comes to you. You set a maximum budget thereby placing the onus on us to communicate project estimates that may exceed the budget or get the work done under the budget limits. We respond to most requests within 24 hours. No minimum hours or deposits required. Project based rates apply.

Dedicated Resource

A dedicated resource is one where you block time for a consultant with a guaranteed minimum number of hours. In exchange for the guarantee, we offer a reduced rate from the aforementioned project based hours. We offer two types of dedicated resources:

Specific Working Hours

Reserving a resource to work during specific hours is the most common type of dedicated resource. Their working hours are set by the time frame of your choosing. For example, if you purchase a 40 hours per week minimum during your standard office hours, 9 – 5 Monday through Friday, they will be on and ready to work during the time slot. They are required to be available on demand during those working hours and only work on your account, just like any employee.

Pricing for Dedicated Resource – Specific Working Hours is dependent on the timezone when the work is executed. Hourly rates range between $35 – 45/hr. The final rate is dictated by the time of day we need to render services as it aligns to the resource’s timezone.

Block of Time

You can purchase a block of time that can be used for any work, project or your own list or tasks, that are executed during whatever time slot is most suitable for the consultant. This option’s advantage is it keeps pricing low due to the flexibility of service hours. The resource is dedicated to working only on your account and is dedicated to meeting the estimates and deadlines set forth with your projects and tasks.

NOTE: All service offerings are on a time and materials basis. We do not currently offer fixed bid pricing on any project.

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