Custom Configuration and Development

Salesforce is designed to be enhanced to match your business model. Using custom configuration features like workflow rules, process builder, and flow designer we can meet most needs. In other cases where more complex business processes that cannot be achieved with configuration, we can achieve the precise result using Apex.

We Customize Salesforce to Fit Your Needs

With over a dozen certified Salesforce engineers and consultants, we provide expertise in administration and Apex development we can tweak and tune Salesforce to fit your requirements.

Custom Configuration

  • Create custom processes
  • Validate user’s data entry
  • Sent email alerts and update data using rules
  • Cusomize pages for easy data entry
  • Create custom objects (tables)

Custom Development

  • Develop processes unique to your company not available with out-of-the-box workflow
  • Custom develop HTML (Visualforce) pages to accomplish any task
  • Create your own applications
  • Develop integrations (link to data migration and integration page)

Are you ready to accelerate your results?

We help businesses just like yours leverage their Salesforce accounts to empower their team to be more efficient, more productive and more profitable.