Data Migration and Integration

Data migrations or integrating from an external source are common tasks. There are several ways to accomplish data migrations and integrations from use of the Salesforce’s Dataloader to creating a custom solutions.

Salesforce’s AppExchange provides developers with a place to showcase their custom built applications that handle many data management and integration tasks. When an prepackaged application will not meet your requirements, we can custom develop a solution.

Combine Salesforce with Existing App Data

As an open source platform, Salesforce provides the capabilities to integrate with many other platforms. Salesforce uses industry standard REST and SOAP so it’s easy to integrate Salesforce with external endpoints, such as apps or enterprise integration hubs to pass data between an external source and Salesforce.

Whether migrating data or integrating to another platform, our process begins with a data modeling analysis to determine how the data from an external database will fit within your Salesforce organization. We then help with transforming your data from the source to meet Salesforce’s requirements.

Some common requests include…

  • Upload Data from Spreadsheets
  • Install Third Party Applications
  • Salesforce Ecosystem Partners
  • Move Data from Other CRMs to Salesforce
    • Sugar
    • Salesforce IQ (formerly RelatedIQ)
    • Pipedrive
    • BASE CRM
    • Zoho
    • GSuite
    • Oracle
    • And Others…
  • Integrate Directly with External Systems
    • Your Company’s Platform
    • ERPs and Billing Systems
    • Product Databases
    • External Facing Pages
    • And others…

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